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      The Cooperative Docking of Poverty Alleviation between the East and the West has come to a successful conclusion

      06.27/2019Wiews: 1263

      On June 25, 2019. Seven officers from GanSu province (Wang Bin, Deputy Director of Gansu Science and Technology Department; Shi Guodong, Director of Linxia Science and Technology Bureau, Li Jianguo, President of Linxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc.) visited our company to discuss about the cooperation in sicence and technology projects, technology introduction and talents training exchanges between the East and the west, accompanied with the leaders of Sun Tree BIO, Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau and Xiamen University Pharmaceutical College.  

      They visited our office, production workshop and R&D laboratory, and fully affirmed our R&D achievements and technoligies.

      The meeting goes smoothly and successfully. We believe we will have a qualitative leap to company and achieve a win-win cooperation.


                                           SUNTREE introduced its products to each other


                                                  Visit Production workshop


                                                                                             Visit Pharmaceutical Pilot Base of Xiamen University-R&D Laboratory


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